Toy Fellows

Your company sales rep in:

  • Russia/CIS and Baltic States
  • Eastern Europe

Toy Fellows

Toy Fellows:

Distribution & Marketing

Solutions in Eastern Europe

Toy Fellows
Eastern Europe:

9% of the world toy market,

28 countries,

300+ distribution companies

RUSSIA / CIS / Baltics
RU Russia
UA Ukraine
BY Belarus
MD Moldova
EE Estonia
LV Latvia
LT Lithuania
KZ Kazakhstan
UZ Uzbekistan
TM Turkmenistan
KG Kyrgyzstan
TJ Tajikistan
GE Georgia
AZ Azerbaijan
AM Armenia
Eastern Europe
RS Serbia
HR Croatia
SI Slovenia
ME Montenegro
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
MK Macedonia
AL Albania
PL Poland
CZ Czech Republic
SK Slovakia
HU Hungary
RO Romania
BG Bulgaria
What we do
Your company and brand introduction to new, untapped markets.
Participation in all major international and local toy exhibitions and toy previews.
Negotiations with reputable and sustainable distribution companies, wholesalers and retailers. On-site presentation and short-listing.
Workshops and training sessions for sales/marketing teams at appointed distribution companies.
Сonsolidated warehouse solutions for small Key Accounts and markets.
Digital marketing support.
Suppliers we are proudly delivering for
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